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Tonya the Bella Starr

Tonya the Bella Starr



Steward-ess of Beauty


Tonya holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Counseling and has been Initiated as Priestess into The Egyptian Mystery Schools focusing on Beauty, Sacred Sexuality and The True Divine Feminine as an inexhaustible resource of healing, truth and joy.

Tonya is considered by many as  a nonconforming Wisdom Keeper and Recapitulation Expert.

She is the  Author of The Secret Shakti Circuit (coming to print this Fall); and  multiple Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curricula based on the Ancient Mystery Schools and the Temples of Beauty.

Through a Joyous and Radical Devotion to Nature and The Power Of Love Tonya inspires Us to Embody The Sacred Feminine Encodements as Manifestations of The True Mother.

Specializing in 'Galactic Soul-Arc Weaving' Tonya utilizes countless modalities to assist you in experiencing Beauty's Rise within every aspect of your Precious Life.

 Tonya is also a Reiki Master, a Reconnection Facilitator and a

Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

'Tonya Bella will move mountains for you.' Karl S

'Tonya  is a true healer, a gift to the world.'  Maggie K


'I only recently met Tonya and yet the impact of working with her has been incredible. I have learned so much more about my energy, how to work with it, how to navigate dormant gifts and ancestral knowledge/support. I have been able to explore practices of manifestation while also working on finding acceptance, internal peace and knowing. .Tonya's  gifts and skills are holistic and comprehensive in healing. She has helped me especially thru great tension and challenge to find my own equilibrium. Tonya  is generous, humble and practical while also being able to allow for expansive creativity, visioning and possibility. I have appreciated being able to call on her. Her gentle directness, reminders and energy work has been very supportive and generative.' Rachael I


© 2017 by Bella Starr 

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