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Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions Tonya  Bella Starr

Personal Sessions are a potent and proven way to quickly accelerate your embodiment process and awaken your unique star lineage and divine feminine flow. We have found that 3  initial sessions done over 3 weeks offers the greatest momentum as each session focuses on a specific aspect of the body/mind and soul.  However it is also possible to go faster or slower as each being is so gloriously unique.  All sessions are done via phone or zoom though it is possible to have in- person sessions/immersions arranged in advanced for special circumstances.

For more options, resources and support, please click the dolphin, or go to our Immersion page.

All Sessions Include Readings, Embodiments and Integration

 One Hour Reading


2-hour Remote Session


3 2-hour Remote

6 2-hour Remote



Created By Bella Starr 2017

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